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Topic: ERROR runnning Strat

G`day Miro

Had these two Errors pop up running a strat just now.
Does this mean my 20k to 3mil strat is non existent...?;)


EDit: Hmm can only attach one image/file.

the other error says
"The error occurred when calculating the strategy. The error can be a result of the following custom indicator;

Chande Momentum Oscillator.


Re: ERROR runnning Strat

Can you post your strategy?

Re: ERROR runnning Strat

Popov wrote:

Can you post your strategy?

Sorry Pop, I was  trying a diff strat every 5 min,,, funny thing is though, I wasn`t even using that Indi.

Re: ERROR runnning Strat

Other users also reported such errors. Unfortunately they appeared very rarely and I cannot debug them.

Let's hope it will happen on my development machine and I'll catch it. Actually I haven't seen a crash on my machine for years. It depends on you current Generator settings I think. If it continue happens, you can upload your config.xml file and I'll check it.