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Forex Strategy Builder Professional uses Segoe UI font. This font was chosen by Microsoft for their online and printed marketing materials, including recent logos for a number of products. Additionally, the Segoe UI family of fonts is utilized by numerous Microsoft applications.

Unfortunately Segoe UI is not included in Windows XP. You can check the installed fonts in control Panel - Fonts. If Segoe UI is missing, you can obtain it for free by installing Windows Live Messenger, or Windows Live Mail, which are available as free downloads.

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Flash screen can be moved with the mouse and closed with double click.

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Здравей Мирославе,

Имам няколко въпроса. Възможен ли е  импорт на тик дата от dukascopy например. Възмоможен ли е manual backtesting и има ли възможност за RENKO chart.