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i am brazilian an i dont speak english and i am new in forex, 1 month big_smile
What's your opnion for my strategy?
Is difficult transform > code in mt4?
thXX friends big_smile and Nice forum!! Congratulations!!
Forex Strategy Builder V Beta
Strategy name: PSB_v01
Exported on: 7/2/2007 00:47:11

Market: EURUSD 1 Day
Spread: 4 pips
Swap Number: 3 pips

Balance: 7873 pips
Minimum account: 0 pips
Maximum drawdown: 785 pips
Time in position: 39 %

The same direction signal  - does Nothing
The opposite direction signal - Reverses the position

[Open] Moving Average
     Logic The Price Open is lower than the MA value.
     Smoothing Method Weighted
     Base Price Close
     Period 10
     Shift 0
     Use previous bar value True

[Close] Moving Average
     Logic The Price Buy is higher than the MA value.
     Smoothing Method Weighted
     Base Price Open
     Period 10
     Shift 0
     Use previous bar value False

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Bon dia amigo.
Como esta no Brasil!
Cuando comesa o grande carnaval?
Eu sei o Brasil tein muitas meninas lindas wink smile big_smile

Esta sua strategia e muita interesante.

Greetings to you our friend!
This is a very interesting strategy!
I will use it as an example to explain in deep, how does FSB send orders of different types.

Go ahead!

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Bom dia Popvov , Brasil está muito bem , e o carnaval está chegando , 16 a 20 de fevereiro big_smile
Very Much Pretty Girls big_smile
Thx for analysing my strategy!
You will code for mt4?
You konws any site explain mql language? i am newbie in mql and i wanna knows code my strategys big_smile
cya amigos!! big_smile

Re: PSB_v01 EUR/USD Daily

You can read in detail how FSB handles trade orders in this topic -

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Ty for explain Karl Marx Very Very Very Nice , although my english lol
ty friend -  look my other strategy and check if is correct plz big_smile
i am learning in this forum .. TYVeryMuch

Re: PSB_v01 EUR/USD Daily

Hello Pepbullish 
I am from Brazil too.
Could you explain to me how his strategy is? 
When should I buy and when to sell? 

Ol? Pepbullish

Eu tamb?m sou do Brasil.

Voc? poderia me explicar a sua estrat?gia?

Quando eu devo comprar e quando devo vender?

Desde j? agrade?o.