Topic: Possible bug: Profit per day display in 2.67 beta

I just started playing around with the 2.67 beta today. AWESOME WORK! I love some of the new features like ability to see the price graph in the background of Top 10 listing.

I think I may have found a bug, or maybe it's just something I'm doing wrong. I use the Profit Per Day figure to compare against the drawdown figure (I track it on my spreadsheet). I think this figure is wrong in the strategy I'm attaching here... it's too low considering the account gain.

Thanks for looking into this.

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Re: Possible bug: Profit per day display in 2.67 beta

Hey, I just realized the reason this strategy is screwed up is due to the fact that I forgot to change the mode to 1 Min (it reset to 1 Day after I upgraded). As such, the data is all wrong .... sorry about that!

I'll report back if there seems to be any other issues with profit-per-day