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I'd love to tell you some more about myself so you can get at least a general idea who's gonna be around.

How it started.. in a few words - Mr. Popov asked for my help on the FST Monitoring Tool. We have had known each other for about 8 months now, and never had a programming project together.

I know you just can't stand the urge to ask me if I have a pet! big_smile
Well I don't, my sister has one - a dog named Jessie. It's a "she" as you have probably guessed. So.. I don't have a pet and I do have one at the same time tongue I take her out for a walk (which is most likely to be called "dragging" by the people passing by.

Here's me and Jessie:
No! I don't look that weird at people all the time

Please put your comments below, because if you place them above it's gonna screw up the order tongue
Feel free to share all you want - to be it the about the picture, the web site or anything. You can of course stalk me on Facebook or email me at And don't ask me what's dopamine, google it

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added FB Like buttons under each post. You can download the plugin I created for punBB at their official forum: Facebook Per Post Like Buttons Plugin for punBB

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Hi Dopamine. I have problems to see the transaccions on the windows of the Remote Monitoring web page.
After we login in with the correct password the windows says there are no transactions since 10 min ago. After 10 min we reload and reload but nothing happens doesn't matter the MT4 and the FST are conected and there are four currencies with open deals. :-(