Topic: Decimal point issue

Hi All
I see an issue with the indicators working differently when data provided  has different number of decimals decimal (for example some providers have for USDJPY have 2 decimal others have 3 decimals) the FSB gives very different results based on who provides the data.  Since the extra decimal should not affeect the math,  is this the FSB error or is it the Indicators fault ?  for my example i was using the Oscillator of ATR, Momentum to open and  Stochastics to close

Re: Decimal point issue

The difference probably comes from the different data source.

You can make the following experiment: Changing calculation from 5 digit to 4 digit for the same strategy and data file.

1. Divide by 10 all Stop Loss, Take Profits or levels in the strategy. (If the SL was 200, make it 20 pips.)
2. Open Market -> Edit Instrument window and reset Spread, Swap and Digits.

The result must be the same or very near.

Re: Decimal point issue

Thanks that seemd to help somewhat smile