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3 - Preparing the Trading Environment

Here comes the third videos of the series!

  • How to prevent interruptions in your trading
  • Advice on your hardware
  • Connecting to your trading machine remotely
  • Settings to change in your windows system
  • How you can deal with forced restarts
  • How to create a “stress test” strategy
  • Running your “stress test” on your demo account in MetaTrader

Today I show how you can set up your trading computer by making your trading as safe as possible. First of all I tell you how to prevent interruptions in your trading. You can easily imagine what losses you can suffer if your computer or internet connection stops at some point while you are trading on a live account.
Second I give a good amount on advice on hardware that is great to use when trading with MetaTrader.
Connecting to your machine remotely is another thing you would have to consider if you are serious about trading, since a dedicated PC or a VPS (virtual private server) for trading is much more reliable choice in both terms of connection and reliability.
In my experience sometimes computers are a bit slow. I will show you how to change some minor settings in your system so it does not suck too much resources of your machine, when MetaTrader needs it the most. This will also allow your battery to run longer.
In the real world sometimes your computer will have to restart (forced restarts) due to windows updates or a restart forced by your hosting company that handles your VPS system. I explain in detail how to handle restarts and make sure your machine will automatically continue to trade even after the restart so you don't experience any problems with unexpected restarts.
To test your connection, broker and the ability of your system to handle trading it is great to create a “stress test” strategy and Expert Advisor first.
I will show you exactly how to create a stress test Expert Advisor/strategy, how to run it on MetaTrader and how to analyse the results you get from the stress test. Of course all this is done with a demo account. You should never do this on a live account.

I wish you great profits with your newly created Expert Advisors!