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Svetlin's Trick Entry - STE

This is my trading strategy that I've developed during the years. It is based on the pure price action principles and the idea is to follow the big money. Trying to guess where the price will be after 1 hour or 2 days is not trading. The name of the strategy is similar to the Joe Ross'TTE, because both strategies are similar. We are trying to enter the market before most of the other traders. The difference is that I tray to buy or sell even earlier.

The STE set up:

  1. 20 and 50 EMA show that the market is in a trend. When the fast EMA is above the slow EMA and they are heading north, the trend is up. When the fast EMA is below the slow EMA and they are heading south, the trend is down;
  2. after the last leg in the direction of the trend (best trades are after the first one) starts a pullback and the EMA is tested;
  3. the exponential moving average, around which we look for entry, coincides with previous local swing high or low (this condition is not required, but if it is met, we have a better chance of success);
  4. financial instruments that have a high correlation with the currency pair we trade, also test EMA (it is better if they already bounced off);
  5. the quote reading shows that around the exponential moving average are filled larger orders in the direction in which we intend to open the position.

The first part of the position is closed for 5-6 pips profit, which is equal to the size of the initial stop. The second part is closed around the last extreme of the trend. For the last part I move the stop with the market.

For more detailed explanation and real trading examples you can read this book: