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Forex Strategy Builder Professional is used by thousands of Forex enthusiasts worldwide. FSB Pro makes Forex trading considerably easier and more reliable. Even the inexperienced users can start automatic trading in several days with the program. These users need guidance and support. If you offer quality services, we'll be happy to work together. Please contact us for more information.

Here are some ideas of what we can offer you:

Affiliate Partnership

You can make money by selling Forex Strategy Builder Professional from your website, blog or forum.

We offer a 20% commission for the sales. Affiliate Program


Advertising on the Website

  • Text links on the front page.
  • Banner on the front page (300×200 px).

Advertising on the Software

  • Text links on the “Forex” menu item of Forex Strategy Builder.
  • Text Links on the “Status” page of Forex Strategy Trader.

(Both types of links can by pushed dynamically on all installed FSB and FST copies.)

White Label

If you are a Forex broker, we can adapt the software for you:

  • Change Name - The programs can be renamed after you. For example if your name is Everest Brokers, the program may be renamed to Everest Strategy Builder .
  • Redirecting Links - The web links can be redirected to your website.
  • Change Icons - Provided by you or designed in a studio.
  • Removing other brokers' links
  • Customization
    • Adding your symbols;
    • setting your spread, commissions…
    • Customization of Stop Loss and Take Profit;
  • Providing download links;
  • Bug fixing and security updates.