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Embed EA Studio on your site and let it sell itself

1. Contact us

Please do send us an email at so we can create a partner account for you. We will send you your partner code.

2. Embed EA Studio

After you contact us we will send you your own embed code for EA Studio. Pretty much all you have to do is copy and paste it to your page.

Make sure your iframe is at least 950px wide on a desktop browser. This is a requirement for EA Studio to work properly on desktop.

When a user registers an account in EA Studio they will receive an email with their password. This email contains a link back to EA Studio. Since we want the link to return the user them back to your website we need to know your EA Studio page address.

We will put this URL in your EA Studio partner settings and when your users get an email from EA Studio it will point back to your site.

3. Get paid

We will send you the money you earned to your PayPal account.

We have a 30-day money back guarantee for all our products. So we will send your your commissions with a month delay. This means we will send you your money for January, after February is over. Your money for February after March is over etc.