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Autostart and Connect Multiple Copies

You can start multiple copies of FST, set connection ID to each of them, load a predefined strategy and start auto trade bye setting and run autostart.bat script.

The file is included in FST distribution and is located at the root folder.

You have to set Connection ID numbers, whether you want to start automatic trade or not, and strategy name. You have to use a single row for each copy of FST you want to start.

Code of autostart.bat is listed below. If you want, you can make a shortcut to it in your desktop.

:: This batch file runs FST automatically, sets connection ID,
:: strategy name to load and starts (or not) autotrade;
:: Example:
:: start "" "Forex Strategy Trader.exe"   100   "yes"   "Test Trade"
:: Where:
::       100 is the ConectionID,
::       "yes" means start autotrade when connected,
::       "no" means do not start autotrading
::       "Test Trade" is the strategy name without extension.
start "" "Forex Strategy Trader.exe"   100   "yes"   "Test Trade"
start "" "Forex Strategy Trader.exe"   110   "yes"   "Test Trade"
start "" "Forex Strategy Trader.exe"   120   "yes"   "Test Trade"
start "" "Forex Strategy Trader.exe"   130   "no"    "Test Trade"
start "" "Forex Strategy Trader.exe"   140   "no"    "Test Trade"

When FST is started by autostart.bat, it changes its behaviour as follows:

  • FST doesn't save config file at closing;
  • FST doesn't send user stats to the server;

It overrides the fooling config params:

      Configs.LastTab = 4;
      Configs.MultipleInstances = true;
      Configs.CheckForNewBeta = false;
      Configs.CheckForUpdates = false;
      Configs.JournalShowSystemMessages = false;
      Configs.RememberLastStr = false;
      Configs.ShowStartingTip = false;
      Configs.LoadCustomIndicators = true;
      Configs.ShowCustomIndicators = false;

If you want some specific settings in FSB, first make them and close the program. FST will save the config file at closing. Later, when you start autostart.bat, your settings will be loaded. No new settings will be saved after that since autostart.bat prevents saving the config file at closing.

See original forum post for this feature here: Added little automation for FST