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Change Log

Forex Strategy Trader v1.4.8 (August 26, 2011)

  • Integrated Krog's N Bars Exit indicator in Forex Strategy Trader;
  • Added Day Closing 2 and Week Closing 2 indicators. They Can close positions at predefined server time.
  • Fixed continuous beeping on wrong setting of Stop Loss or Take Profit;
  • Fixed expert: Stop Loss or Take Profit are > StopLevel + 1 Pips. This reduces Invalid Stops errors;
  • Trailing Stop trails when the price advances minimum 1 pip in our favor. Before it trailed on advance of fraction of pip;
  • Removed upper limit of Connection ID number;
  • Added Go button, next to the Connection ID entry field. This is for users that want to confirm the ID with mouse instead of Enter;
  • Fixed a bug when FST is continue working but becomes invisible when a user cancels program closing;

Forex Strategy Trader v1.4.2 (July 28, 2011)

  • We fixed a bug with frozen account chart after a certain time of trading.

Forex Strategy Trader v1.4.1 (July 20, 2011)

  • We fixed a bug with Protection_Max_StopLoss option in this release. Also the way FST plots cloud charts, like this of Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, was improved.
  • We added a new feature to this version of FST – Drag & Drop. Now the program can open strategy file on dropping it over the program screen.

Forex Strategy Trader v1.0 (February 24, 2010)

  • Minor fixes in Forex Strategy Trader and in the expert advisor.

Forex Strategy Trader v0.15.0.0 Beta

Changes in Forex Strategy Trader

  • Added “Break Even” to “Strategy Properties” dialogue window.
  • If you set “Permanent Stop Loss” together with “Stop Loss”, “Trailing Stop Loss”, “Trailing Stop Limit” or “Stop Limit”, the initial stop loss of the strategy will be set to the smallest of them.

Permanent Stop Loss = 50 pips;
Break Even = 15 pips;
Trailing Stop Loss = 70 pips;
An Order will be set with initial SL = 50 (50 < 70). When the position makes profit of 15 pips, SL will be moved to Break Even price. When the market rises, the Trailing Stop will move the position's SL to 70 pips below the highest top price.

  • Removed Break Even from expert's parameters.
  • Trailing Stop Moving Step parameter was moved from the external parameters of the expert to the expert code.
  • Expert loads historical bars in the MetaTrader charts alone by simulating Home key pressing.
  • Fixed bugs:
    • chart crashes when digit = 0;
    • the strategy overview shows the Permanent SL with a negative sign.
    • indicator properties - return same dir signal to its previous state before activating “Close and Reverse”.
    • In Market Info - “Tick Value” shows MODE_LOTSIZE instead MODE_TICKVALUE.
    • Account Percent Stop is now properly calculated by Forex Strategy Trader.

Changes in the expert:

  • FST sends the Trailing Stop and Break Even numbers with OrderSend and OrderModify. It uses a string called parameters. The void ParseOrderParameters(string parameters) function parses the string and sets Trailing Stop and Break Even.
  • Account Percent Stop calculations were moved to Forex Strategy Trader.
  • Expert reports MarketInfo(MODE_TICKVALUE) at every tick / ping.

Forex Strategy Trader v0.10.1.0 Beta

  • The expert complies with the FIFO rule when closing positions.
  • A bug in the expert that causes Server Error -1 was fixed.
  • The expert shows more detailed error messages when there is unfulfilled requirements at startup.

Forex Strategy Trader v0.10.0.0 Beta

  • Automatically recognition of brokers which don't support instantly setting of Stop Loss and Take Profit
  • MT4-FST Expert receives the necessary chart bars number from FST automatically.
  • Improved installation of the MetaTrader's expert and library files from FST.

Forex Strategy Trader v0.9.0.0 Beta

  • All Stop Loss values are positive numbers. Changed indicators: Trailing Stop, Trailing Stop Limit, Stop Loss, Stop Limit.
  • The minimum value of Permanent Stop Loss and Permanent Take Profit were changed to 5 pips.
  • The maximum value of all Stop Loss and Take Profit indicators were changed to 5000 pips.
  • Changed indicators fix for “jumping price”. Affected indicators: Steady Bands, Bollinger Bands, Starc Bands, Keltner Channel, Envelopes, Donchian Channel, Moving Average.
  • Break Even option in the expert.
  • Trailing Stop step of change in the expert.
  • The position's comment shows the connection ID number.
  • Adjustable min. bars number in the expert and in Forex Strategy Trader.

Forex Strategy Trader v0.8.0.0 Beta

  • Controlling multiple positions.
  • Ability to work on different charts simultaneously.
  • Error check of the trading operations.
  • Separation of it's positions by a magic number.
  • Late setting of SL and TP for some brokers like FXCM.
  • Many other fixes in the expert advisor.

Forex Strategy Trader v0.7.0.0 Beta

  • Drop down menus “Symbol” and “Period” were removed.
  • Button “Synchronize” was removed.
  • “Symbol Editor” dialogue was removed.
  • Corrected bug with “Stochastics” indicator.

Forex Strategy Trader v0.6.2.0 Beta

  • The way FST raises “Bar close” and “Bar open” events was improved. This fixes missed signals with the “Bar Opening” an the “Bar Closing” indicators.
  • A “Synchronize” button added. It synchronizes the FST symbol and period to the MetaTrader's chart where the expert was started.
  • The label “Beta Version. Test Carefully!” was made to disappear when you click it.

Forex Strategy Trader v0.6.1.1 Beta

  • A bug with indicator chart was fixed.
  • Installation program improved. It's able to find and install the Expert and the DLL in several MetaTrader terminals automatically.
  • Forex Strategy Trader remembers the last used tab page, symbol and period.
  • Expert Adviser was improved. Now it checks for enough money before adding to a position and reversing a position.

Forex Strategy Trader v0.6.0.0 Beta

  • Fixed bug with data time frame changing when chart's auto shift is off.
  • Forex Strategy Trader reloads properly the market data after internet interruption.
  • The installer installs the necessary C++ 2008 Redistributable package automatically.
  • The program clears the Meta Trader cache after reinstalling the necessary expert and library files.
  • Forex Strategy Trader checks for missed ticks and updates the chart.

Forex Strategy Trader v0.5.5.1 Beta

  • This is the first publicly distributed version of Forex Strategy Trader.
  • Added more demo strategies.

Forex Strategy Trader v0.5.5.0 Beta

  • A bug with data update after changing data time frame fixed.
  • A bug with chart redraw after changing data time frame fixed.
  • Slippage parameter removed from the “Operations” page.

Forex Strategy Trader v0.5.4.0 Beta

  • Many improvements in the Expert Adviser
  • Forex Strategy Trader disconnects from MT after one minute
  • A bug in the tick chart repaired
  • A Symbol Editor was added
  • FST correctly normalizes the trading size according to the broker's MinLot and LotStep