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Using MetaTrader Data

In this lesson I will demonstrate how you can use MetaTrader data to conduct the historical test.

I assume you have an account (real or demo) with a MetaTrader broker.

I will load EURUSD data, but the principle is the same with the other pairs. I will limit the used data up to the year 2000.

Data folder

I need to choose a folder to store the data. I can use the default file:

C:\Program Files\Forex Strategy Builder\Data

or, I can create a new folder.

I am going to create a new folder MT Data on disk D:

D:\MT Data

Export from MetaTrader

  • I am going to load EURUSD data with one day period. To load older data too, I press the Page Dn key several times. I keep pressing the key until I see that data earlier than the year 2000 has been loaded:

MetaTrader Chart Screen

  • From the File menu I choose Save - As and indicate that saving the data should be done in D:\MT Data:

MetaTrader Save As

The file's name will be EURUSD1440.csv. MetaTrader and Forex Strategy Builder use the same data file name convention, so I do not need to rename the files.

  • I do the same for the other periods, too. To make things easier, I use the fast access key Ctrl + S.

Now I have all the necessary data:

Destination Folder

I finish working with MetaTrader.

Importing in FSB

  • By default, Forex Strategy Builder loads data from the .\Data file. To redirect the program, I use the Data Directory dialog box. There I can set the path leading to the file with the historical data. I start it from the Market - Data Directory menu. I press the Browse button and select the D:\MT Data file.

Forex Strategy Builder - Data Directory

After pressing Accept, Forex Strategy Builder loads the data from the new location.

  • To limit the used data up to the year 2000, I can use the Data Horizon function. I can start it from the Market - Data Horizon menu:

Forex Strategy Builder - Data Horizon

The data I need is now loaded:

Forex Strategy Builder - Market Statistics

Data Check

  • Forex Strategy Builder checks if the data is complete provided that the Check the data function is active. To perform a complete check of all periods, I use the Scanner tool:

Forex Strategy Builder - Intrabar Scanner

If the scanner does not reveal any errors in loading the data, then everything is alright.