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Account Settings

The Account settings dialog box allows you to set the parameters of your virtual account. You can open it from AccountAccount Settings menu command of Forex Strategy Builder.

Account settings

  • Account Currency - this is the currency of your virtual bank account. Statistics and the balance chart will be displayed in this currency. There are two options - account in EUR or in USD;
  • Initial Account - this shows the initial sum available in your virtual account;
  • Leverage - this shows the correlation between the traded sum and the required margin;
  • Account Exchange Rate - you can use it to convert the trading result from the trading currency into your account's currency. If you are trading EURUSD and your account is in USD, no conversion is necessary because the profit or loss you have made is in USD. If your account is in EUR, Forex Strategy Builder uses the Close price of each bar to calculate the result from the trading you have done in USD. If you are trading USDJPY and your account is in EUR, Forex Strategy Builder uses a fixed exchange rate. In that example the account exchange rate will be the rate EURJPY. You can select the last market rate here or to use an average rate for the period covered by the historical data you use.

Forex Strategy Builder saves this settings in a configuration file. They apply to all strategies.