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Why EA Studio opens a position at the next Bar Open

I noticed that the entry signal gets triggered only at the next hour(beginning of next candle).

This is a very good observation!

We started developing backtesting algorithms in 2001. We spend several years struggling with a discrepancy between the backtest results and the live trading results. Then we realized a very simple fact - the indicators use Price Close for calculating its values and they give stable signals exactly at Bar Close. so we made the experts of EA Studio trading only at Bar Open. This is exactly one tick delay. Even more. Speaking strictly, all brokers platforms form Bar close when there is a new tick from the new bar. It means literarily that previous Bar Close and the new Bar open are formed at the same time.

We applied our knowledge and understanding of the backtest theory and made EA Studio working as precise and fast as possible. We do it to guarantee safe backtest and to protect our traders.

An additional effect of the decision to make EA Studio trading on Bar Open is that the backtests in MT are very fast and reliable. We don't need to use the false tick generation of MT and now we can test on Bar open only with absolutely correct results. We don't need to lose time waiting for the so-called “tick testing” to complete.