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Can I import my own Expert Advisors in EA Studio / FSB Pro?

Your expert was created to be tested best with the MetaTrader's strategy tester. Despite the fact it has some good points, we found out that we can create and test experts faster and more reliably.

Our best tools Forex Strategy Builder Professional and Expert Advisor Studio, use different backtesting and strategy structures. They are designed to be extremely fast and to be very accurate.

You can export Expert Advisors for MetaTrader, but the opposite process is not straightforward. It is possible to try to implement the logic of your expert in FSB Pro or EA Studio. However, you may find that this takes more time than simply generating new strategies with similar or better performance. The benefit is that the new strategies will be “fresh” - I mean that they will be calculated on newer historical data and will reflect the latest market trends and dynamics. The programs are so fast that you can ignore your previous strategies and generate new sets for different markets instead of re-validating or optimising the old ones.

When you become familiar with the tools, you will start seeing the separate strategies as a part of a portfolio. You will switch your attention to your strategies' aggregated performance instead of the results of a single expert.

It is effortless. You generate several strategies for several markets and trade them on a demo or a real account as a portfolio. After some time passes, you may remove the strategies with lower performance and replace them with better ones you have created at that time.