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Forex Strategy Builder v 2.64

Forex Strategy Builder v 2.64 release comes with Break Even exit. Break Even can be set from the Strategy Properties screen.

Strategy Properties with Break Even

Break Even is measured in pips. Be careful when setting the value. For example Break Even of 20 pips has to be set as 200 for a 5 digit broker.

When a position makes profit of the chosen value, Forex Strategy Builder sets Stop Loss at the break even price.

It also:

  • closes a position at Break Even compensating spread, slippage and rollover fees.
  • adjusts the exit properly on adding / reducing. (Break Even sets stops only if the aggregated position after the adding is on a profit. In the opposite case FSB doesn’t set stop. For that reason, we recommend using Stop Loss together with Break Even.)
  • sets Break Even in the same bar if the floating profit was enough high to activate it till the end of the bar.
  • works well with Intrabar Scanner and interpolation methods.

Break Even doesn’t set initial Stop Loss, therefore we recommend using Permanent Stop Loss together with it.

Changes in Forex Strategy Builder since v 2.62

  • Added Break Even;
  • Added button on the Chart that shows or hides Break Even and Permanent stops levels on the chart.
  • Fixed Bar Explorer chart.
  • Added additional criteria for recognizing ambiguous bars. It will not change the backtest results but will properly mark more ambiguous bars. Such bars may be interpolated differently by using pessimistic and optimistic methods.
  • Improved Nearest method of interpolation.
  • Some minor fixes in strategy overview.
  • BBCode formatting of the strategy improved.(Strategy – Publish)
  • Fixed a bug in N Bars Exit indicator. (Crash when nBars > Data bars)
  • Optimized Open Once indicator. Fixed a bug in Enter once a week logic.