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Forex Strategy Builder Professional v 3.6 with MQL code v 36

Hello Traders,

Forex Strategy Builder Professional v 3.6 is released.

This version fixes two bugs:

  • Crashes of the Indicator chart when using OBOS MA Oscillator on data containing equal bars. (reported by LeonHerd)
  • Fixed a program's configuration file. (Reported by geektrader)

There is a change in the program's license and behavior after a trial period expiration.

  • A new installation of FSB comes with a 15 day trial period.
  • The tools Generator, Optimizer, Method Comparator, Monte Carlo, Multi Market… are not limited in their functionality.
  • The program works in read-only mode. It means that strategies can be saved and Expert Adviders can be exported only after purchasing and validating a professional license.

Changes from the Premium release v3.5.4:

  • Improving the formula of the LTF indicators shift - the LTF indicators are calculated with no delay. This new formula guarantees both safe backtest and reliable trade.

Please report all issues.

Trade Safe!