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Expert Advisor Studio v2

Dear traders,

We are proud to introduce EA Studio v2. This is a major update of the application and make it easier and more familiar for the experienced MetaTrader users.


  • EA Studio uses only native MetaTrader indicators
  • Application’s indicator parameters correspond to the parameters of MetaTrader.
  • Position closes at the next Bar Open - this change neutralizes a bug in MetaTrader tester when setting ticks at the end of a tested bar.
  • Faster and simpler Expert Advisors - the exported EA frame is written manually using the style proposed by MetaQuotes. It will be easy for any MQL developer to modify and customize an exported Expert Advisor.
  • Faster test in MetaTrader. The exported EAs use only native MetaTrader indicators without redundant calculations. It makes the MetaTrader tests as fast as possible.
  • Supporting all testing methods of MetaTrader – the experts show equal (or very near) results when using “Every tick”, “Control points”, and “Open price” methods.
  • Compact and self-sufficient expert advisor without external dependencies.
  • Supporting ECN brokers – the EA detects when the broker requires a separate protection setting.
  • Support of simultaneous orders placing – the EA checks and manages correctly a busy trade context.
  • All indicators’ numeric parameters are provided for modification in the Input section of the expert advisor.
  • Support of MetaTrader optimization.


Support of native MetaTrader Indicators:

MetaTrader Chart

Correspondence of EA Studio and MetaTrader backtests:

MetaTrader test

Clean and native MQL code:

Native support for MetaTrader 5:

Please report all issues and problems.

Trade Safe!