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Binary Options Tester Updated

Hello Traders,

The Binary Options Tester is updated. Reload the application with Ctrl + F5 to use the latest version.


  • Trading expert code updated:
    • Added an “Expiry” input parameter. Set the option expiry in minutes.
    • Order Comment Format is exposed as an input parameter.
    • Fixed opening a new position when the current option has to expire now but it is not expired yet. This fix allows you to trade at consecutive bars.

Expert Advsior Input

  • Signals expert updated:
    • prints the stats info at the upper left corner of the chart when MetaTrader backtetsing finishes.
    • fixed the update of the info labels at the chart.
  • Indicators updated:
    • Bollinger Bands and Envelopes - the Generator doesn't use “The bar opens below Upper Band” and “The bar opens above Lower Band” rules. This is done because these rules give ambiguous signals when the price is between the bands.
    • Added “Candle Color” indicator,
    • Added “Moving Average Crossover” indicator
    • Fixed chart lines of Stochastic indicator.

Please report any problems.

Trade Safe!