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Strategy Description

This strategy is for demonstrational purposes only and real-time trading is not advised.

This strategy demonstrates various trade operations - opening, adding, reducing, stop loss and take profit. It opens 0.1 lot long at the beginning of a bar when Momentum indicator (previous value) rises. If a long position was already open, the strategy adds 0.1 lots more to it. Since MetaTrader 4 is not able to add to a position the expert advisor opens a new long position. When a signal appears during a short position, Forex Strategy Builder closes 0.1 lots from it.

The logic for the short positions is opposite – the program enters short when Momentum indicator goes down. The program also adds 0.1 lots in case of another same direction signal and reduces the position in case of an opposite direction signal.

The maximal position is 1 lot.

Every time when a position is changed the program sets Stop Loss and Take Profit at +/- 200 points from the entry price. (Make the Stop Loss and the Take Profit +/- 20 points if your broker quotes 4 digits.)


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The slots show the logic for the long positions only. Forex Strategy Builder automatically computes the proper logic for the short positions.

Strategy Properties
Same direction signal - Add
Opposite direction signal - Reduce
Permanent Stop Loss - None
Permanent Take Profit - None
Break Even - None
Opening Point of the Position
Bar Opening
Enter the market at the beginning of the bar
Base price - Open
Opening Logic Condition
Momentum rises
Smoothing method - Simple
Base price - Close
Period - 14
Additional smoothing - 0
Level - 0.0000
Use previous bar value - True
Closing Point of the Position
Stop Limit
Exit at Stop Loss or at Take Profit
Stop Loss - 200
Take Profit - 200
Account Stats
Acceptance criteriaNot fulfilled
Net balance102.70 USD
Intrabar scanningNot accomplished
Ambiguous bars395
Profit per day-3.47 USD
Max consecutive losses31
System quality number-19.53
Sharpe ratio-0.32
Average HPR-0.58 %
Profit factor0.25
Tested bars2448
Minimum balance102.70 USD
Maximum balance10000.00 USD
Max balance drawdown9897.30 USD
Max equity drawdown98.97 %
Max stagnation2854 days
Average profit36.03 USD
Average loss-44.95 USD
Executed orders1573
Win/loss ratio0.24
Time in position34 %
Market Stats
Count of bars2465
Time of updating2014-11-15 00:00
Time of beginning2007-01-01 00:00
Minimum price1.18746
Maximum price1.60389
Average Gap30 points
Maximum Gap1691 points
Average High-Low1116 points
Maximum High-Low5485 points
Average Close-Open561 points
Maximum Close-Open4554 points
Maximum days off2
Input Stats
Profile nameDefault profile
Data source nameFSB Demo data
Strategy nameTest Trade
Data bars2465
Time of updating2014-11-15 00:00
Time of beginning2007-01-01 00:00
Spread20.00 points
Swap long-2.00 points
Swap short-2.00 points
Commission0.00 points
Slippage0.00 points
Interpolation methodPessimistic
Initial Account10000 USD
Account exchange rateNot used
Auto scanSwitched off
Trade until Margin CallSwitched on
Risk warning: Forex, spread bets and CFD are leveraged products. They may not be suitable for you as they carry a high degree of risk to your capital and you can lose more than your initial investment. You should ensure you understand all of the risks.
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