Topic: Strategy without indicators?

first of all congratulations for this formidable FSB !:)

I want to build a strategy like this:
1.There are 3 lower highs
2. The 4. candle is an inside
3. Entry 3 pips higher than candle 3
4. SL 1 pip below candle 3
5. Target 3 pips below candle 1....

I was looking for hours, but can not find the logic condition to describe the 3 lower highs....
There is only "Yesterday"....
Thanks for answers.
greetings and good luck

Re: Strategy without indicators?

Nobody there to give an answer??? sad


Re: Strategy without indicators?

Well, unfortunately I don't know how to help and the expert on that subject is on something like around the world trip but as soon as we can help your question will be answered.

Re: Strategy without indicators?

Falo1955, this logic cannot be implemented directly in the program. Probably you can try writing a custom indicator for it.