Topic: Problem with the zip archive

Hi Miroslav,

First, congratulations for this amazing piece of software !  Great job !

I have a problem with the ZIP files for





The error reported is:
CRC error unpacking file ...

Re: Problem with the zip archive

A CRC error indicates that the checksum for the packed file does not
match what was originally packed. There is usually no way to repair
the error other than repeating the download. In fact, the error might
have occurred due to a problem in the original packing for the self-
extracting file.

CRC=Cyclic redundency check,
Quote: "The CRC is a very powerful but easily implemented technique to obtain data reliability. The CRC technique is used to protect blocks of data called Frames. Using this technique, the transmitter appends an extra n- bit sequence to every frame called Frame Check Sequence (FCS). The FCS holds redundant information about the frame that helps the transmitter detect errors in the frame. The CRC is one of the most used techniques for error detection in data communications."

Normally there are 3 main reasons for CRC errors. The most common is the file is bad.
Second is, in such cases as RAR’s ACE & ZIP’s, your using an older version of the unpacker
to unpack them with. And third is hard ware normally due to a bad block of Ram, & as the
data is being unpacked in ram & hits that bad block, a CRC error accurse. There are more
things that can contribute to CRC errors, but these are the most common.

'A long while back I started getting CRC errors like crazy with RAR and Zip files. Eventually I just reinstalled XP and did a full format of the drive and I haven't ever had a CRC error since. I ran tons of tests and nothing ever showed up, but the errors were still there nonetheless. If all else fails and you cant find a solution, reinstall Windows and see if the problem goes away.'

These are some ideas that you can examine....... unlikely the files are corrupt on the site, probably relates to something in your system.