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Topic: Add ChatGPT Integration

Thanks Popov i was thinking why not integrate chatgpt with forexsb and add in some AI functionalities and strategy generation improvement?

Would be amazing if we could generate a strategy based on a text prompt: for e.g generate this strategy:
Key Parameters:

    Currency Pair: EUR/USD
    Grid Level: 10 pips (rounded numbers)
    Take Profit: 30 pips
    Stop Loss: 10 pips
    Risk per Trade: 0.5% or 1%

Trade Setup:

    Placing Orders:
        Buystop Orders: Place 20 buy stop orders 200 pips upwards from the current price (spaced at 10 pips each).
        Sellstop Orders: Place 20 sell stop orders 200 pips downwards from the current price (spaced at 10 pips each).

    Daily Routine:
        Time of Day: Set new trades daily at the following times:
            7-8 AM GMT
            1 PM GMT
            6-7 PM GMT
Active Trades:
If there are active trades, set new trades 10 pips outside the range of the current entry price and the current price of active trades.