Topic: Feature Request: Negative Swap

I am assuming that swap pips are applied (deducted) every day, no matter long or short.
As this is not the case in most brokers, I would suggest that:

a) The pip number is reduced from longs and added to shorts
b) The swap drop down list will have a negative swap numbers
c) The range of the swap pips will be at least -10 to +10

So, for example, for AUDJPY (a positive carry), we can set the swap to 2 pips and for EURUSD (negative carry) we will set -1 pips.

Re: Feature Request: Negative Swap

Yes, right. FSB reduces the position's floating result with the swap number (in both directions).

I intend to add swap menu that accepts two float values for long and for short swap number.

-10 ; +10 is ok.