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Topic: After the new update

Hello smile

I just want to report that after the update of https://forexsb.com/expert-advisor-studio-app.

The Generator/Recalculate Portfolio is not working.

Even after updating the new settings, and double-checking all settings, the generator can barely generate a random bad strategy and when it does the stats is like "drawdown 500%"  "957 profit pr day" and that kind of crap.

The portfolio tool removes like 50 out of 100 stratgies when you click "recalculate" and the chart is blank in portfolio tool, multi market.

That is just a few bugs I noticed upfront.

Windows 10, Google Chrome, happened just after the update and I refreshed the website.

I updated all settings and it changes nothing so I report it as a bug smile

Have a nice day and thanks for your hard work.

Re: After the new update

Hello Qkim,

Thank you for the report!

Please open the browser console with F12. It will show a message if an error appears.
We will monitor EA Studio closely and will fix any issues as soon as possible.

Please reload the app with Ctrl + F5 and run it again. If you have the same issue, please report it. We will try to reproduce and fix it.

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Re: After the new update

hi what about the new digits option. when i have my own data now there is digits 0. did i have to change it or can i leave it 0 for disable?

is your mt4export data file also updated for that digit?

Re: After the new update

The "Digit" option is suitable to adjust the Premium Data better for your broker and mostly for Cryptos and Indices. When the "digit" is correct, the SL and TP work correctly in EA Studio and in your MetaTrader.

If you use your own uploaded data, you don't need to change it.

is your mt4export data file also updated for that digit?

Yes, the data export scripts include the correct "digit" option.

Re: After the new update

ok i see an portfolio have no changes in code as before right?

#property copyright "Forex Software Ltd."
#property version   "2.4"

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Re: After the new update

Thanks for the new update Popov, testing it extensively within the next days. One thing I´ve already noticed is that it is about 9% faster than the old version, which is amazing. See attached screenshot (left side - old version, right side - new version, both started at the same time).

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Re: After the new update

ok i see an portfolio have no changes in code as before right?

There is no change in the actual Portfolio MQL template. However, there is a change in the code for rising close signals.
We added also a "Risk disclaimer" at the beginning of the expert.

Your observation is correct. I'll bump the version number to v2.6.

Re: After the new update

It seems I found one error that made it bug when I recalculated 100 strategies with the portfolio tool.

The error seems to be gone after resetting EURUSD symbol settings.

"Lot Size" was on 1 and now it is now on 100.000 and now everything works as normal except the portfolio tool now can hold more than 100 strategies smile

Try put it at 1 and see how everything begins to bug lol.

Re: After the new update

Please share screenshots or describe the exact steps to reproduce the issue.

Re: After the new update

this are good features.
But at the moment The Ea Studio dont generate any strategy if I use Premium data.

I switch to premium data and the generator found no strategy.
I checked the Metatrader-Demo and my imported data. -> this works fine.

I used ctrl+F5
I think there is a bug ?

I attached my generation setting.


Re: After the new update

Hello Tnickel,

For some reason, the "Digit" option is set to 0 and the data doesn't look good.
Please delete your Symbol settings and make them again.
You can also open the exported Settings file and edit the digits manually.

It looks like EA Studio sets the digits to 0 if we have custom symbol settings files. I'll see how I can fix it.


I uploaded a fix. Please reload EA Studio.
Now, EA Studio uses the original Digit option in case we already have saved Symbol settings with Digit = 0.
When we load data, the missing Digit setting will be set correctly from the data file.