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Topic: Core Strategy Approach for EA Studio

Hi Popov,

I just read your post on 2018 where you said that you generate a strategy with only 1 entry indicator which is fractal, the EA close the position on bar closing, without any TP, SL and BE. And it's remain profitable after 12 years.

The post is here

I found it interesting because I have a similar experience, in my case it's Bollinger Bands indicator.

On 2016 I created a strategy using FSB Pro which only have one entry logic and exit on bar closing, I used that strategy as a base, then I locked the entry indicator and add additional filter and exit one by one, I also did a light optimization to make the curve smoother. At first I thought it'd be another curvefitted strategy which lose money on forward test, but I was wrong, after 4 years the strategy is remain profitable without any optimization.

I uploaded the strategy in repository the name is MaxMillion EURUSD. The link is here … on-eurusd

Please ignore the other pairs because they're just the optimization result of EURUSD. I did too much optimization, the core strategy is distorted by another filters and the forward test results are bad.

I think in order to get a robust strategy we need a very strong foundation, which is not a rocket science of course. In my case it's a strategy with single entry indicator, then we can add additional entry filter, exit one by one, and then SL and TP without touching (or touching a little) the core strategy.

I really wish I can apply this approach on EA Studio, because it's much faster and flexible, I mean, theres no installation, I can run multiple reactors on multiple VPS.

Here are my wishes.
1. Please remove minimum number of exit indicator, so we can generate strategies that exit on bar closing.
2. Please add max indicator number, so we can generate strategies with single entry indicator.
3. Please add lock and link indicator feature, so we can smoothen the strategy without touching the core strategy.

Really looking forward to it.

Best regards.

do or do not there is no try

Re: Core Strategy Approach for EA Studio

Very good observation!

I have plans to do exactly what you proposed for a long time.

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Forex Forum → Expert Advisor Studio → Core Strategy Approach for EA Studio

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