Topic: Ann Indicator form Tradingview

I translated the Ann indicator to MT4 .

The Ann Indicator is a repaint indicator, and this rated useless immediately.

I rewrote the indicator in a way that does not repaint and run extensive testing and have found
its  use as an EXCELLENT trend indicator for longer time frames , and remain on the trend even if the short time frame is chosen, with in term meas it can read the intrinsic trend.
Even thought it was developed based on bitcoin data it has cross a multitude of Forex pairs successfully specially the EUR/USD.

I wonder if somebody could translated to be use and experimented on FSB.

Please let me know.

I am including the MT4 code.

The indicator will repaint when the option for compatibility with MT4 is turn off else it will repaint witch is not the desirable outcome.

This indicator was developed using neural networks that is why the matrix looks very wear.

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Re: Ann Indicator form Tradingview

Is there anybody interested in translating these indicator to FSB?