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Topic: New Feature Suggestions

Hi Popov,

I've only been using your software a couple of days, and it looks really good so far. You've created a great program, and I know how much effort, and how long it takes.

What are the 'transfers' listed in the journal for? and is there a way not to display them?

I'm using some strategies that i'd like to emulate with your software. The feature suggestions below would help me do this (if these can be done a different way, or I've mis-understood anything, please let me know ;-)

Data horizon...
1. Allow a random start date/time.
2. Add a view option, so the data horizon info can be displayed/edited on the main screen.

I had to split my post into three (because I have submitted < 10 posts)

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Re: New Feature Suggestions

By making a few changes to the logic slots, it could give much more flexibility...

'Opening Point of the position'
1. When an indicator is chosen with 'Enter Long...', if you displayed the text 'Reverse Logic will be applied to short positions' - this would make it immediately obvious to new people trying out the software, and that reverse positions are automatically calculated... it's not a big deal, after you've read the manual (but most people jump straight in).
2. Maybe it's also possible to choose whether the logic is: long/short(as it is now), long or short.
3. If long or short is selected above, allow another position to be opened, for the opposite long/short.

Continued below...

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Re: New Feature Suggestions

'Opening Logic Condition'
1. Multiple conditions are currently all applied (AND) - how about OR and NOT (This could be entered in the dialog, and displayed on the main screen, so it's obvious)
2. Allow logic to be applied to: long/short(as it is now), long, short

'Closing Logic'
1. Maybe more than 2 slots, allow AND (as well as the current OR), and whether logic is applied to long/short, long or short (like opening logic above).

Maybe others would find the above features useful too ?

All the best,

Re: New Feature Suggestions

Thank you Greg for the useful ideas!

It's obvious you well understand FSB using it only for "a couple of days".

Re: New Feature Suggestions

The opening rules have to be grouped.
If you make:

Open point:
  - opening rule #1 (and);
  - opening rule #2 (and);
  - opening rule #3 (or);
  - opening rule #4 (or);

will mean long entry when (rule #1 and rule #2) or rule #3 or rule #4;

It's better IMHO two alternative groups:
Open point:
  - opening rule #1 (Alt. Group #1);
  - opening rule #2 (Alt. Group #1);
  - opening rule #3 (Alt. Group #2);
  - opening rule #4 (Alt. Group #2);

Where the entry will be when: Group #1 or Group #2;
(rule #1 and rule #2) or (rule #3 and rule #4);

Re: New Feature Suggestions

Hi Popov,
I've no idea how to use many indicators - like ichi - looks great, but how to use it ;-) I've been involved in the development of audio software for many years, and as audio waveforms bear a remarkable similarity to the forex market movements, I wondered whether there are any indicators based on FFT or similar?

Hi Forexer,
How would you indicate the logical operation NOT ? I think groups over complicate the process, and it will be clearer using IF rule#, AND rule#, OR rule#, NOT rule#, in front of the rule description... but i'm not bothered how it's done, as long as it is clear to a user, and easy to enter. Groups may be useful in future, to group a bunch of rules together, for very complex strategies.

Re: New Feature Suggestions

Hello Greg,

1. AND, OR, NOT logic rules

I think forexer is right. If we mark opening filters as AND or OR we can set several AND conditions that all have to be true an several single OR conditions. We need some kind of parenthesis to be able to group several relative filters that all have to be true. As I see the groups he offers serves as parenthesis.

Probably we can mark the entry filters as:
1. Main entry logic; and
2. Alternative entry logic.

An entry to be executed either when all the "main logic conditions" or all the "alternative logic conditions" are true.

We actually don't need NOT logic. It's because most of the indicators have "right" and "opposite" logic rules.
e.g. If you want to enter long when MA13 rises and  MA21 doesn't rise, you can set:

1. MA13 rises; and
2. MA21 falls.

2. long, short indicators

It's easy to make the indicators to work for "long and short", "long only" or "short only", but I cannot see real benefits of this. That will give someone the possibility for building "asymmetric" strategies with different rules for long and for short entry. I personally will not accept such strategy because of the curve fitting.

Lets say we have an uptrend during the testing period. An asymmetric strategy can allow an easier long entry than a short one. This will work only during the uptrend but not after the trend has finished.
Actually we can do this with a "symmetric" strategy like the current ones in FSB. It's enough to include a long therm MA (MA rises) or a MACD (MACD > 0) to trade explicitly in the trend direction.

Re: New Feature Suggestions

Don't limit the software to just 2 groups.
Also, I agree NOT is unnecessary, if ALL logic has 'opposite logic'.

You can easily make the software extremely flexible (almost as flexible as writing code), and allow what ever the user wants to do - whether you agree with it or not.

To do this, i'd change the logic slots, so that the open/close positions were also added by the user... thus you can have as many open/logic/close positions as required.

Re: New Feature Suggestions

Does anybody else who uses FSB have an opinion as to whether these features would be useful? whether you agree with popov/forexer or me?