Topic: FSB Auto Trading console with "LowPass Filter"

I run FSB Auto-Trading Console in parallel with the same EA mounted on MT4, I found that :

1- Many times the EA mounted on the MT4 platform where sending more signals that the FSB platform on the first EA #1 trial

2.- With a second EA , with more complexity, the FSB platform was sending the signals while the EA mounted in the MT4 platform  where not sending the signals. ( This EA was running with the indicator "LowPassFilter" , even thought it did not provided a back-test successful in MT4 , the FSB Auto-Trading platform was able to execute the EA and provide orders.

Why is that?

Also ... in the event that the Broker rejects the electronic orders for the  FSB - EA , what is the procedure to continue entering that order until fulfillment of that order?  or is there any kind of messaging ALERT or notification to act?

Re: FSB Auto Trading console with "LowPass Filter"

The best practice is to have equal (or almost equal) backtest in MT and in FSB Pro. Then it is preferred to trade with exported Expert Advisors.

We developed and used FSB Pro - MT4 bridge before making possible to export Expert Advisors. Then we rewrote the FSB Pro calculation engine in MQL and include it in every EA produce by FSB Pro. Basically we have to achieve equal performance in both ways of trading but it is possible to have difference sometimes.

The benefit of using the FSB Pro bridge is that we have one and the same engine for calculating the backtest and the trading signals and equal indicators code. The drawback is that the communication between FSB Pro and MT can be disturbed by other processes that work on your computer. For best results, you have to use a separate machine for trading. We use the FSB Pro bridge for strategies that use custom indicators without MQL versions.

The exported Expert Advisors include a calculation engine, execution code and indicators code. The benefit of teh exported Expert Advisors is that only one platform ( MT ) is required to run. A discrepancy is possible only when there is an operational difference between the MQL code and the C# code used in FSB Pro. For that reason we recommend every EA to be backtested in MT before running to trade. Despite the imperfections of the MT backtester, it is necessary to run our experts simply to be sure they work in MT and there are no obvious bugs.

This EA was running with the indicator "LowPassFilter" , even thought it did not provided a back-test successful in MT4

You should not trade Expert Advisors that don't run in the MT backtester. Most commonly this is a signal for a potential bug in the indicator or in the EA code.

Re: FSB Auto Trading console with "LowPass Filter"

Thank you.
Very insightful and useful information .