Topic: Adding to positions

Hi there first post on the forum!

A few questions....

I would like to do the following
- Enter every 10 pips
- Each order it multiplies the position by 2

Is that possible using this software? I have downloaded it but I can only see 'amount to add on addition' so I assume that means if i put '0.1' then it will just add 0.1 to each order... 
e.g. start 0.1 then it would be 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 and so on?

If so anyway to make use of a multiplier?

Also another question.....

I would like to have a 'break even' point created and target 'Breakeven + 10 Pips' is this possible?

and another question

 Can I input a custom indicator that I already have for MT4?

and another question

 can I create an EA that uses multiple symbols (I like to basket trade) so having one EA to manage them all and having a global take profit is what I am after

Thank you for reading I look forward to your answers!