Topic: Newbie to EA - Couple of Questions


I was playing around with FSB until recently when I discovered EA Studio. I had initially discounted this software because I hadn't really appreciated the full functionality, but that was my mistake - I think the workflow, the speed and the output are excellent and I am just working on a portfolio. I have a couple of Qs though :

1. You cannot set EA to trade a fixed amount of 1% like you can in FSB? I am using a online position calculator to work out my position size, currently this would be 0.013 on a stop loss of 50 pips. However, if I set EA to find my optimum stop loss and it comes back with a stop loss strategy of 100 pips, I should be trading 0.006 instead to make this still 1% of my account value. So, unless I set a fixed stop loss (or a trailing) I am unable to control my exposure with a non-fixed stop loss. Is there a better way I could be managing this? Or I just monitor account balance monthly/quarterly and change manually?

2. I cannot yet export the strategies into a single portfolio (which is an amazing feature). If I am using, say, 30 strategies at the moment on 30 charts, I will need to ensure the magic number is not overlapping. I saved the same EA twice and looked at the magic number - they are different. Does the software generate a random magic number each time, or should I be looking into the code to set this manually? Can 30 saved strategies be used, therefore, out of the box, without any manual changes to the magic number?

3. Is FSB compatible with EA studio in the sense that I can create a strategy in FSB and then robustness test this in EA? And in that way, I could use the portfolio manager in EA Studio to create portfolios from both sources.

4. I may be missing something obvious, but is it possible to save the profile settings in EA? I just logged in and everything seemed to have been set back to default.

5. Is there any relationship between the EA passing the robustness tests and balance line stability?

Thank you very much