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So, I am testing out FSB Pro as a trial user. Im hoping to find a way to test indicators to build a decent EA without needing to involve coders and to avoid the ENDLESS HOURS of optimisation that MT4 subjects me to...

Couple of questions:

1. I see you can only import .cs files for custom indicators. This is BIG selling point for me but its really hard to find any .cs files for technical indicators online. Does anyone know a good place I could find these?

2. The Vortex indicator in the repository does not compile; the others all work fine but I get an error message with that one. I really want to use this indicator, is there someone who could fix this?

3. I have 2 additional .mq4 indicators I would love to use - can anyone help to recode these (obviously, for a fee) - we could then even get them into the repository for other people to use

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Re: Indicator Help for Newbie

You may find that the indicators already in the program will suffice.

Note that there are more indicators in the online repository.

You might ask Footon to have a look at your indicators to see if he can convert them

I have not had a problem with the Vortex indicator.

My 'secret' goal is to push EA Studio until I can net 3000 pips per day....

Re: Indicator Help for Newbie

Thanks, Blaiserboy.

Footon has kindly been in touch and will get back to me.

For the Vortex, looks like geektrader also has issues and posted a comment. It looks to be the same error I am having:

"ERROR: "Vortex Indicator" compilation failed.
Line 79 Column 36: The name 'SlotTypes_OpenFilter' does not exist in the current context

I´ve also checked, there is no DLL for Vortex at ..\User Files\Libraries, only for all the other indicators and they all show a creation time as of todays date. Which shows that Vortex is the only one that could not be compiled because of the above error.... "

The reason I specifically wanted that indicator to work is because I am trying to backtest a specific strategy, ie trend strength and reversals.  There may be other indicators that do the same general thing but its a shame it wont work on this platform, especially when it's in the repository and when the software is so expensive.