Topic: Trade copier Demo to Live account for strаtegies based on results.

Hey guys,

So ive been thinking over the past few weeks about an idea. This idea is very similar if not the same as sleytus's software MT4 Sidekick but for EA Studio.

So basically I find that alot of us are generating hundreds of strategies with different ways of creating them and robust testing them before placing portfolios or individual strategies on a demo account.
I for one have created over 1500 strategies now and placed them on demo accounts all built in completly different ways for different symbols etc etc you name a way to create a strategy ive tried it.
However I find it hard to review a vast number of strategies consistently to effectively put them on a live account of the current best performing strategies (whatever you deem as performance).
I am all about controlling risk in my portfolio which is why I want to create a Percentage based entry condition calculated from the stoploss size of my strategies which ive now completed with the help of a few members in here (thanks again guys!).
My next step in automating my trading is I want to create a trade copier which will copy trades from my demo accounts to my live account based on say 'copy trades from all strategies with a PF of 1.5 over the last N trades'. or most profitable over N trades etc etc.

This to me would be the nirvana of creating strategies and using on a live account as this could allow us to create literally thousands of strategies, leave on a demo account and only trade the best performers at any given time with our real capital.

I know this would be alot of work to make so this brings me to my second idea. Imagine we get an entry signal for a strategy but before it places the trade it looks back at a moving average of its own equity curve and you can allow/disable strategies that are performing/under perfoming based on there own equity curve.

Lastly my final idea would be to size the position of a strategy as follows: Allow a strategy say 10% of my equity. And thats all it gets so if it looses say 50% of that it no trades with an entry size 50% less than what it orginally had. This would allow a level of risk mangement as the strategies that never perform well will slowly die out to the point they cant open a position and the strong will flourish and continue to up there position size as time goes on as there original 10% of equity is now orth more in $ value.

I have no idea how to code any of these ideas or even go about out sourcing it Im more bouncing ideas around and id love some input or even guidance of ho I could possibly go about creating such systems.

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Re: Trade copier Demo to Live account for strаtegies based on results.

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