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Topic: "Exit Time" indicator

Hi Mr. Popov,

now that EA Studio has got a "Entry Time" indicator, why doesn´t it have a "Exit time" indicator as well? That would be very useful too as I have many strategies that exit at a specific time (before London open for example) for best results.

I know that we have the sessions if we want to exit at a specific time, but this way the exit time has to be set manually in advance and hence the generator cannot modify it to find the best exit time for the current strategy (which might be a specific hour apart from the session times).

Thank you for adding this :-)

Re: "Exit Time" indicator

Exit Time is added.



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Re: "Exit Time" indicator

Ha! That was quick! Perfect! smile Thank you!

Re: "Exit Time" indicator

Are the modes (enter the market, exit the market) also randomized during strategy generation? Because I´ve noticed that for some indicators the dropdown-box-values are not randomized at all and always use the defaults. For example in the "Envelopes" indicator, EA Studio never randomizes the "Apply to" (always uses "Close") and the "MA Method" (always uses "Simple"). Would be nice if it would randomize all the dropdown-box-values too to find even more versatile and profitable strategies.

Re: "Exit Time" indicator

"Apply to" (always uses "Close") and the "MA Method" (always uses "Simple").

This is by design.

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Yes, I noticed that, but why? It shrinks the possible strategies EA Studio can find. I would vote to randomize any parameter during strategy generation, so that EA Studio can find all possible combinations of profitable strategies.

Re: "Exit Time" indicator

It will be possible to set what params to be generated and the ranges.

Re: "Exit Time" indicator

Very nice, thanks!