Topic: Fix for MT5 Order Filling Type

Hello Traders,

This is my next attempt to make the MT5 execution working for all brokers.

If you have problems with MT5, please put the attached file at:

C:\Program Files\Forex Strategy Builder Pro\User Files\MT4 Files\MQL\

Export your expert again and check it in the tester.

Please report any errors.

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Re: Fix for MT5 Order Filling Type

Does it mean for hedge and non hedge?
Can Somebody answer?

Re: Fix for MT5 Order Filling Type

FSB Pro still doesn't support hedging accounts.
The fix above addresses a bug in MT for giving correct order filling type for some brokers.

More specifically, the following function doesn't return the correct type:



The code above detects wrong SYMBOL_FILLING_MODE and changes it until finds the correct one.