Topic: Added "Long or Short" indicator.

Hello Traders,

Now you can test how your strategy behaves in each direction by using the "Long or Short" indicator.

It sets the strategy to trade in either only long or only short direction.

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Re: Added "Long or Short" indicator.

Popov -- this is most excellent.  Thank you very much...

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Re: Added "Long or Short" indicator.

Excellent have been very busy...just a question..once we build a there a way to add filters...I guess that will come if we are able to import in FSB. Would love to hear your views on this...thanks

For e.g the strategy would be awesome if it did not trade at 3pm and only traded between 7-9 pm etc etc

Re: Added "Long or Short" indicator.

Hello Araza,

I intend to add many such filters in EA Studio. I'll also make it possible to define indicators with rules and params in the Generator to be used in the strategies. It will work similarly to the locked and linked FSB Pro indicators.