Re: How to create such a strategy?

hannahis wrote:

Ok Simon, I hope I've cleared up some of the confusions and I wish you all the best in your EA development progress and hope you find success in your journey.

Hannahis, thank you so much for such an in depth reply, it is very kind of you to give your time to my queries. I will spend a few days digesting it and trying out some things.

I might have a question or two soon, hope you don't mind!

Best regards,

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Re: How to create such a strategy?

Hi Simon,

Feel free to post your questions, I believe there are many other people in the forum who also have their valuable experience to share and able to answer your questions too.

If I happened not to reply, please bear with the delay as I may not be checking all the post nor read all of them, hence I don't want you to think I'm ignoring your post (as I try to make an effort to reply those who post their questions to me).


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Re: How to create such a strategy?

You say well, there are many ways to trade, everyone is free to choose the one he likes, he can even write it.
But allow others to say that certain ways are trivial.

Monday I will look at my horoscope to decide whether to buy or sell.

Re: How to create such a strategy?

Ok just make sure you only open long trades in the month of Taurus, you will surely win smile