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Re: MT4 Charts Do Not Trade Equally

Without confirmation from MetaQuotes that MT5 doesn't have the same problem, I'm not sure it is worth the time and effort to go down that path.  My guess this most likely is a threading issue -- and it may be that MetaQuotes also has to deal with it in MT5.  From MetaQuotes perspective, the most important thing is MT4 never crashes or hangs due to a mis-behaved indicator or EA.  This is why indicators get removed if their OnCalculate() takes too long.  And now I suspect MT4 throttles charts by withholding ticks.  As we joke, everything is a trade-off.  They think it is preferable to miss trades if it helps to protect MT4 and keep it up and running.  And, of course, though I write this as a statement, I'm just guessing -- I do not know for sure this is the case.

Some additional testing seems to indicate that EA Studio-generated strategies and portfolio EAs are also affected, but to a lesser extent.  In the results below magic numbers [3000,3019] are identical EA Studio-generated strategies running in their own charts, and magic numbers [40000,40019] are identical strategies running in an EA Studio-generated portfolio.  Even though EA Studio-generated strategies and portfolios are less dependent on ticks, you can see they are still affected.  EA Studio-generated strategies running in their own charts appear to trade less often as the chart number increases.  The good news is that within a portfolio they appear to trade the same, but about 25% less frequently than chart #1.


Here's where I think things currently stand:
(1) MT4 throttles OnTick in order to control how much CPU time is allotted to each chart.
(2) If a chart is taking too long to process OnTick, then MT4 either kills that thread or drastically lowers its priority.
(3) MT4 does not appear to penalize an EA for using OnTimer().
(4) There is a large drop-off in trading after 7 or 8 charts.

One possible solution is to use OnTimer() instead of OnTick().

Another solution -- place an infinite loop inside OnInit() -- for example:

int OnInit()
      // Perform all calculations and trading here...


In other words, the goal is to allow our code to take as much time as it needs to complete its computations and trading without allowing MT4 to intervene and throttle it by withholding ticks or lowering the thread's priority.

Again -- this is just speculation based on our observations.  Only MetaQuotes knows for sure how all this works.

Re: MT4 Charts Do Not Trade Equally

Many thanks to Steve and Alamehmazen123 for your investigative work to find out the root cause and thus enable us to find a better and more stable trading environment/platform.

Indeed, it's very important to establish a reliable trading environment so that we can repeat our success again and again instead of being baffled by inconsistent trading results, leaving us clueless of what could be the source of conflict.

Thanks once again, really appreciate all your efforts and keeping us updated here.

Re: MT4 Charts Do Not Trade Equally

Thank you guys for all your hard work to find a solution to this problem. Sleytus where would you have to use OnTimer instead of OnTick more specifically where can you set that? or where would you place these infinite loop?
Best regards

Re: MT4 Charts Do Not Trade Equally

I am not a user of portfolio maker, yet, because I only take only few strategies from generated collections and it is OK for me to put them on the chart manually. But it can change in some time maybe.
How I see from your detective work and this discussion this problem effects everybody who uses large number of EA's? I am correct? Not only portfolio maker users? If that is true, I expected to have big trade number drop on my demo portfolio with 70 EA's. I just crunched down to see how much I am effected by this.

I compared mt4 statement trades numbers, and FSB backtest trades of the same strategies of last month. My portfolio used 100 EA's originally (MT4 max limit), but some got weeded out, so ended with 70 comparable.
From the image attached I got that mt4 trades even more frequent than FSB backtest shows! Only in some cases there was fewer trades.


So why there is no such effect on dropping down trade number for me?
My theory is that I do not use SAME strategies on same pairs. So no big number of same strategies/calculations is executed on the same tick and there is no need to use that "throttling" (is that correct?) for mt4. Also this mt4 portfolio is spread out through timeframes and different pairs.


Still, if somebody needs to have big number of same strategies on the same pair ... why not to use FSB-MT4 bridge? (just a guess that it should solve this issue)

Re: MT4 Charts Do Not Trade Equally

The purpose of this thread was to point out that, under certain conditions, MT4 throttles OnTick -- which can dramatically affect how strategies trade.  MT4 is a black box plus there are many different ways that traders use MT4.  I am not prepared to test all combinations to determine if / when throttling occurs.

If you determine that your approach to using portfolios is not affected, then there is nothing to do.  If you are concerned that it may be affected, then using FSB-MT4 bridge may solve the problem -- I don't know.

Until now everyone has assumed that MT4 treated all charts the same all the time -- that appears not to be the case.  Where that takes you from here is up to you.  I just wanted to share this information because I think it is both interesting and can be used to (a) explain discrepancies between back testing and live accounts, and (b) be used to one's advantage to improve the performance of portfolios and situations where someone has multiple charts open in the same terminal session.

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Re: MT4 Charts Do Not Trade Equally

Hi I brought this issue up before but thought of mentioning it again as a gentle reminder, just in case the reason for fewer trades could be the result of reaching the maximum open positions allowed per MT4 account.

Each broker has their own maximum open positions limit.  So if I have 100 EA (either in Portfolio Maker or individual charts) and each EA has Winner/adding positions up to 4x, then the potential maximum number of open positions (assuming all EA are triggered) would be 100 EA x 4 (winner lots) = 400 possible open positions at a given time. 

However, some Brokers have a limit of 200 open positions and others have different limits by volumes hence, given the above mentioned scenario, with a 200 max open positions allowed, there are bound to have many "missed trades" that are rejected because I have reached the limit.

Thus, I'm writing this as a reminder that I hope in your experimentation, the reason why there are missed trades would not be due to this issue.

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Re: MT4 Charts Do Not Trade Equally

I'm writing this as a reminder that I hope in your experimentation, the reason why there are missed trades would not be due to this issue

The results I posted show the number of trades declines with chart number -- so, what you are suggesting is not the case.  The broker doesn't know how many charts I have open.  This has nothing to do with the broker -- rather, this is how MT4 works.

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Re: MT4 Charts Do Not Trade Equally

Dear Popov,

The phenomenon reported by Steve (and his team) has serious implications to FSB users in terms of our EA developmental phase and the live trading phase. 

As long as each subsequent MT4 charts different from each other's performance, we CANNOT be able to replicate our demo success into our live accounts.  All our testing would gone to waste cos we can't rely on the results/performance outcome due to the lack of the integrity of MT4 trade execution.

Can you kindly help us resolve this issue because it is paramount to our trading success. 

Since with each subsequent MT4 charts being opened, there is an increasing amount of missed trades, can we therefore trade our Portfolio via FSB Pro MT4 Bridge.  In another words, EA attached to MT4 chart #1 has more "trading" opportunities than EA attached to Chart #99 which will experience the greatest number of missed trades. 

Hence in order to ensure all EA are given the equal opportunity to trade and perform as according to market situations and not being impeded by software/hardware issues, can we find a solution within FSB Pro to resolve this issue so as to ensure FSB users can repeat their success (by having a stable and reliable trading platform to rely on).

My suggestions:

1.  Can we use FSB Pro's MT4 Bridge file to trade instead and hence reduced the need to depend on MT4's methodology/black box in handling how each EA's trades are handled due to the positioning of chart the EA is being installed?

2. Instead of opening 100 EA in FSB Pro and link connections via FSB MT4 Bridge, can you help or enable us to compile our EA into a Portfolio whereby we can trade all these compiled EA via FSB MT4 Bridge so that the performance of each EA are not being compromised.

3. Alternatively, is there any way, I can re-import a Portfolio Maker's EA back into FSB Pro so that I can use the FSB-MT4 Bridge File to trade instead of trading directly on MT4?

4. Ideally, I prefer the solution to be all contain within FSB's features instead of relying on another software (Portfolio Maker) so that you are able to provide greater simulation and integrity to the whole process of converting our EA into 1 Portfolio and allowing us to trade it via FSB-MT4 Bridge link connections.

Our demo results is now affect by the MT4 execution function and hence, if our EA failed, it no longer just cast doubt to the quality of our EA (and the capability of FSB's effectiveness) but make us question which of the following factors contribute to our failure or is it a combination of all the compounded issues of the quality of MT4's execution process, our EA process, our FSB's backtesting reliability etc.  It's an irony if we and you worked so hard to make our EA work and your backtesting accurate and yet we ended up failed to build anything profitable becos MT4 failed us, ultimately in the execution process.  So it's time to find a solution whereby we can improve the reliability of our trading platform.

Popov, as this process is affecting our demo testing results and our EA development phase, it is imperative you help us resolve this issue asap, otherwise we are now in a limbo whereby we neither can proceed any further with our EA demo/portfolio testing (as we now know that the trade performance is no longer a measurement of our EA's performance nor do we just stop doing nothing and wait or worst of all, put each EA in 1 MT4 instance.  That's crazy to begin with.

Kindly let us know what's your take (and respond to our predicaments) and whether a solution will be coming from your side or do we just sit by and pray for miracles to come.



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Re: MT4 Charts Do Not Trade Equally


If with each opened MT4 chart, there is an increasing amount of missed trades.  Does it mean that if I were to attached all my EA in 1 chart via Portfolio Maker, this will resolve the issue?  Since all the EA are now being executed in 1 MT4 chart.

Re: MT4 Charts Do Not Trade Equally

Dear Hannah,

This issue must be addressed to MetaQuotes. We have own products and we do our best to provide the best quality for our clients, but it is out of our interest to work on issues on third party products.

I suggest you to use EA Studio portfolio for now. It must work fine because it uses a single MT chart. We will update FSB Pro to accept EA Studio strategies and to be able to close orders at Bar Open, however we have no plans to provide Portfolio Expert for FSB Pro for now.

Steve does an excellent job with his portfolio maker and may find a solution to the problem.

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Re: MT4 Charts Do Not Trade Equally

It is such a waste to "abandon" all my years of EA development and then switch to EA studio to start all over again my whole EA development process on another "software". 

Though I've the option to find other alternative, via EA Studio but how about users who only bought FSB Pro, what's their solutions?  What's the implication to your future buyers?

Don't buy FSB Pro because it hasn't found a work around solution to the MT4 issues?

Future FSB Pro buyer therefore need to be warned and beware, you can only trade 1 EA in each MT4 to ensure your FSB EA works well? 

And if your EA failed, there are various factors to look into 1) the quality of your EA, 2) the effectiveness of FSB Pro to search for profitable EA, and/or the 3) the unreliable execution of MT4 if you have more than 1 EA.  So the answer is a) either one of them or b) all of the above. 

I understand the MT4 issues is of no fault of yours.  However, ultimately since FSB EA is being run/installed in MT4 (as the chosen platform, inevitability the fate of FSB Pro product are interlinked by MT4's execution capability.  Unless you decided to develop FSB Pro to run on a different platform.  Thus having your end users in mind, FSB Pro really can't ignore such inherent issue arise from MT4 that has an impact of FSB Pro users outcome. 

If I'm a "potential, would be" FSB Pro buyer, this very issue will definitely deter me from buying FSB Pro cause who would want to develop EA only to be able to run 1 EA in each MT4 instance and that pose a great limitations to one's EA development and demo testing phase and also a great hurdle in trying to develop a good trading portfolio (with multiple EA for diversification).  MT4's limitation unfortunately will affect FSB's Pro users. 

At at this stage, I begin to wonder whether to totally abandon the use of MT4 as my trading platform and search for other more reliable trading platform to continue my EA development work.  Hence, any potential buy, knowing now the MT4 execution issues and would like to search for other alternative trading platform will totally give your FSB Pro a miss and choose other product that give them better and reliable trading execution environment/platform whereby they can rely and repeat their success.

As much as we like to push the buck back to MQL, there is still the need to address how this issue is affecting FSB Pro users and ultimately it will also affects the future sales.

I hope you would kindly extend yourself to see how you can enable your users find greater success as you always wanted us to trade safe and this current situation doesn't offer users any safe/reliable trade execution (and again, it's no fault of yours but surely the reason you produce your own FSB backtesting tool is because you also realised that MT4's backtesting tool isn't something we can really rely on and you wanted something better.  Likewise, in that same spirit, kindly provide a better execution process for your users to rely on.  I know you are not obliged to do it but for the sake of your FSB Pro users/future sales, kindly give some more serious considerations to it.


Note: Lastly, I hope I'm not addressing this issue as a lone ranger (as if this problem only affects me), if any user also strongly feel the same, I would also appreciate you raising your concern and how this issue is affecting your demo testing outcome or process.

Re: MT4 Charts Do Not Trade Equally

Hannah / Popov - I too am very concerned regarding this topic.   I have PM'ed steve an idea i'm going to test tonight as a potential work around. But this is testing a different infrastructure. Still I will report back when I understand if it could help people in this situation.

Re: MT4 Charts Do Not Trade Equally

My intent wasn't to create a problem.  I wanted to share something that, if true for others, could make testing and trading more successful.  And, again, this is alamehmazen123's observation -- he deserves credit.  He was curious enough and clever enough to try something new -- and it yielded an unexpected result.  Hannahis -- as an experienced trader -- there is no reason you also couldn't have been curious and clever to try some new things yourself.  It is our responsibility to understand and have confidence in the tools we use -- especially if we expect them to reward us with $$$.

So -- just to give some perspective.  This is an interesting observation and it provides some insight into how MT4 manages multiple charts, each trading in their own thread of execution.  It has implications, but it is NOT the end of the world.  Also, the conditions under which I tested may have stressed MT4 more than most typical user scenarios.  What I suggest is this -- before worrying about it take a little initiative and test it for yourself.  It is very simple -- open a bunch of charts and attach the same EA to each one (and remember to change the magic numbers so you can distinguish between them).  I trade almost exclusively EURUSD/H4 and so all my charts are EURUSD/H4.  But if you trade multiple pairs then MT4 might handle things a bit differently.  My guess is that under most conditions you will observe something similar to what I've reported and alamehmazen123 and I have observed.

If other people would also do a little homework and report their findings then a collective pattern might emerge that leads to a general solution.  I'm not willing to test a zillion different combinations -- I only test what I think is relevant to me.

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Re: MT4 Charts Do Not Trade Equally

sleytus wrote:

Hannahis -- as an experienced trader -- there is no reason you also couldn't have been curious and clever to try some new things yourself.  It is our responsibility to understand and have confidence in the tools we use -- especially if we expect them to reward us with $$$.

Hi Steve, I think you have given me too much credit to begin with (I may be creative in coming up with trading ideas but I'm not creative nor have the relevant programming skills to work out another solutions like you can with Portfolio Maker) 

Not everyone is multi talented like you do (though you think MQL is easy to learn, not many also have the time to juggle with so many learning aspects and computer language is a very different ball game to me, my mind aren't incline to this areas and hence it take a lot out of me to learn another language, not impossible but a lot more than some people). 

I'm only a long time trader but that doesn't necessary translate to an experience programmer/trader who understand the working of MT4 to noticed such discrepancy.  I wonder how many long time MT4 users ever stumbled into this issue?  Is this issue raised in the MQL community for us to be aware of?  The reason I bought FSB Pro is because I want to develop EA without the need to learn programming skills. 

Hence, I bet many of the "experience trader/MT4 users" are none any wiser of the outcome/implications you and your team members have spotted. Cos if they were to know of such phenomenon, I believe they would have reported this issue long ago or someone (from FSB forum) would have warned us that MT4 can't handle more than 1 EA without affecting the reliability of the trade execution.  If this issue is "easy" to be spotted, I would have then expect none other than Popov to put up a warning to all FSB user to tell us of MT4 limitations and it's implications on FSB users, yet apparently if such issue can eluded Popov, how much more would I expect myself to be the one to know it.

I would be curious of what's your work around solution because I'm stuck (cos I lack imagination/experience) with MT4 as my trading platform and other than opening only 1 MT4 chart per instance, can you kindly enlighten my mind and my curiosity how to work around this isuse? (lastly, I don't know any MQL to even understand the difference between tick or on timer and I wonder how many average FSB Pro users would know this either).

Appreciate your guidance both to me and other MT4 users to avoid those potential issues to ensure greater reliability on our trading outcome.

PS: I don't think I'm a "trouble/problem maker" and I believe Steve, raising your finding, though alarming as it is, I believe that's not yours nor mine intention create any problem.  In fact, we are here to highlight the problems.  We aren't the ones responsible nor contributing to such problems/MT4's limitations and it's implications it has on FSB Pro users.  Am I to be faulted for raising my concern as a end user and to potential/new users?

If raising this issue and highlighting the implications to other users or potential buyers and writing in to Popov to ask for a better solutions are considered as a trouble/problem maker.  Then I'm afraid we aren't a opened minded forum who are willing to be honest and examine the issues without being personal or being labelled or penalized for voicing out one's concerns/request/wishes.  Once again, appreciate you and your team mates for your very insightful investigative work.

Re: MT4 Charts Do Not Trade Equally

Hi guys..
Steve, Thank u for refering such credit..but u were the trigger for me to do it.

I have a new observation:

Did you know, everyone, that if you use “Entry time” indi and narrowed the time, you will not face any missed trades,

Let me share my strategy here:
For EurUsd, i ALWAYS open trades after the England opening hour from 8gmt till 9Gmt ONLY. So, try this, if you opened 20 charts with these kind of strategies, all will trade equally. This way you are eliminating signal traffic to charts, because simply you are giving one hour for each chart (plenty of time) to trade.

YES I KNOW “what about other  kind of strategies???””...well untill Steve make the next big move, what about trying to open multiple terminals, on ur computer and VPS?!...that’s what i am doing for now

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Re: MT4 Charts Do Not Trade Equally

Hannahis, I was pretty shocked to see something like this after 2 years of using FSB! However before letting bad feelings overcome I checked if I am effected by this. And I am not! I wrote it in my last post in this thread. If you use mutlipair with different strategies probably you also are not effected by this. I suggest to make some trade count like I did. Calculate how much trades are missing from last month comparing Mt4 statement (use mt4 tracker) with FSB backtest trade number count of one your Mt4 instance. Of course use same updated data. You don't need to run through all system trades like I did. You can check lets say only 10-5 strategies which sits in the end of mt4 charts.

My theory is that to be effected by this you need to run same strategies on the same pair. I can think some cases then you can need this, like diversifying same strategies by different variable values, or want to use lower lot number multiple times. Or just using bunch of slightly different strategies on the same pair.

Also, I fully agree that mr Popov should put more attention to it, or at least make notification in user manual about these limitation and possible solutions like using FSB bridge.

Have a nice day smile

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Re: MT4 Charts Do Not Trade Equally

Hannah -- my apologies.  All that you write is correct.  And, yes, there are plenty of experienced developers around who have the background and training yet, also hadn't noticed this behavior.  When you started to complain to Popov about FSB Pro then I felt that wasn't fair and, so, I said what I said.  I'm sorry.

By the way -- I don't yet have a solution.  I mentioned substituting OnTick with OnTimer -- and I am currently testing a number of portfolios on a demo account using that technique.  But since I primarily trade EURUSD/H4 then it will take a few weeks before I've accumulated enough trades to conclude whether that is a potential solution.

Re: MT4 Charts Do Not Trade Equally

No worries Steve, all in good faith and I believe Popov knew me all these years to handle me by now.

Re: MT4 Charts Do Not Trade Equally

Is tick number identical between real and demo accounts of the same broker? Does anybody know it? I have one strategy which trades short term and there is some little difference between demo and real money account results, so it may be that there is not the same tick data streaming in, so assumption that real money is the same like we are doing experiments with demo can be wrong.

Re: MT4 Charts Do Not Trade Equally

Irmantas wrote:

Is tick number identical between real and demo accounts of the same broker? Does anybody know it? I have one strategy which trades short term and there is some little difference between demo and real money account results, so it may be that there is not the same tick data streaming in, so assumption that real money is the same like we are doing experiments with demo can be wrong.

We once observed that for the broker , the real and demo has different ticks...plus if you open 2 demo accounts from SAME broker, also will have different ticks...as per our observation

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Re: MT4 Charts Do Not Trade Equally

I've a friend, he mentioned that MT4 can only handle about 8 orders at a time (modify, execute etc).  So he highlighted that if you observed the trade counts, those charts numbered 9 onwards begin to show significant drop in trade counts.  Hence, it seem at present moment, 8 EA or less (if you use e trailing EA) would be ideal.

No wonder in another forum/software, the user can only attached max 8 EA per MT4 instance, I wonder whether that got to do with this issue that they were already well aware of.  I always thought it was the software's limitation of not able to use more than 8 EA per MT4 instance, but now I begin to wonder is it because they already knew this latency issue with MT4

Ps: Maybe another question in mind is, is there other better trading platform for us to rely on? Can future FSB Pro look into the possibility to export EA into other format to be used in other more reliable trading platform?

Re: MT4 Charts Do Not Trade Equally

Could be related -- however, the results I posted earlier came from Demo accounts and I don't think the number of orders is an issue because they aren't really passed through to a bank.

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Re: MT4 Charts Do Not Trade Equally

Another idea...not sure whether it works.

Fxblue's copier has this "Retry Attempts" whereby if a trade is not being copied over correctly or failed to be executed in the copy account, it can retry again by the number of times a user choose to input at this option.

Popov - do you think you can just add this extra feature into our EA whereby there will be a number (optional/user define) of retry attempts if MT4 failed to execute that particular trade, or is there any better solution or you think this feature would help?

FSB Pro also has this function whereby user can choose to close a trade a couple of sec early (such as 15 sec before bar close) and so if there is a systematic "distributor" whereby each time we export our EA in batches, FSB Pro will randomly or systematically assign different closing per sec for each EA.  Eg, 1st EA close 1 sec early before bar close and 2nd EA close 2sec early before bar close and etc and hence in a portfolio, these EA will then have a couple of sec apart in sending their execution orders and then won't overwhelm the MT4 with too many orders/modification at a given time.

Of cos those users who are only using a few EA, can do this changes manually one by one (assigning different sec earlier closing time before bar close) but I don't think this is feasible, manually for those who generate and optimise EA for testing.

Ok, I'm just throwing up ideas and brain storming here.  Not sure how feasible or practical are some of these ideas.

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Re: MT4 Charts Do Not Trade Equally

Ok... so i've been doing a little bit of testing and have some observations to share.  First of all:


The system is based on a 1 min system that Opens the trade at the start of the bar, and closes it at the end of the bar. Pretty simple stuff.  Looks like this in FSB:


I rented one of Metaquotes own VPS to test on (https://www.mql5.com/en/vps) as these are purpose built for the job - and are using 40 Core CPUS (i.e 80 Threads) - so hardware shouldnt be an issue.
Additionally ping to my broker is 1.2ms  (so lag is not an issue).

First Test:

I Setup 32 - 1 min EURUSD windows , and then migrated the EA's to the VPS starting it.  I could see the EA's had started correctly in the log - however they were having issues handling orders.


This shows an error -  Trade Context is Busy....

So.,what does that mean?  Well reading the following article (https://www.mql5.com/en/articles/1412) .... "only one expert (script) can trade at a time. All other experts that try to start trading will be stopped by Error 146."

hmmm interesting.  Also you can see on MT4 Tracker the issue that has been reported in this thread (I.E reducing number of orders per system):


I wanted to isolate this issue- and wanted to make sure it wasn't an error with all trades trying to open on the same pair.. so

Second Test:

I Setup 32 - 1 min windows - All difference currencies - and then migrated the EA's to the VPS starting it.  I could see the EA's had started correctly in the log.. only once again we had issues:


What I can see, however, is that more trades got through. Only a handful rejected every minute.
I shows a better situation on MT4 tracker - however still not good (around 10% of trades missed on most EA's).


Drilling in deeper to all errors on the logs - you can see the trade context error being primary problem:



From my tests - I believe the core issue is with missed trade execution from multiple order being send from different EA's is a short period of time.

This may be another issue to the one originally posted (We will have to develop another test to test system not sending orders at the same time, however if you are running breakout systems on multiple pairs - something like non-farm payroll could trigger a multi order event which causes missed trades).

Potential Solution:

The MQL post - https://www.mql5.com/en/articles/1412 discusses several ways to solve this issue , but as we generate our EA's in FSB Pro, I would request that a fix be implemented in the code generated by FSB.

Please review / comment ect - as I may have overlooked something. Also if you come up with an idea to prove/disprove this, let me know and I can run additional tests.


Re: MT4 Charts Do Not Trade Equally

Well, this needs the look of PoPov at it...if it works on FSBpro!