Topic: Reverse closing logic for "CCI Buy Sell Zones"

Hi, I want to make opposite entry/exit strategy of what I already have. For entry indicators logic there are opposites in indicator slots, but for exit logic there is only one option to exit on "Sell zone is formed" while using CCI Buy Sell Zones.  I would like to use "Buy zone is formed" for buy exit. I tried to make this change in indicators code by myself .. however I know my programming skills are very low ... smile If I change places only these code lines is it enough/correct?

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Re: Reverse closing logic for "CCI Buy Sell Zones"

No need to answer. Today checked on indicator chart, it worked out this way. There is some paradox in trading with making loosing strategies reverse smile they still do not make money. Also at the time not so sure if I need to reverse only entry logic, or both exit and entry.