Topic: Exit point

I have two questions.
1. i made a strategy using moving average crossover and i want to use moving average crossover for exiting too, but i don't see it. I don't see any logic conditions fir closing positions. I only see exit points.  How can i do that?
2. I know there's a logic option for limiting number of trades per day, but is there any way to limit number of opening positions i.e per 4 hours or in a specific number of bars or something else like that.

Re: Exit point

1. I can see and use it. Look at closing conditions.

2. You can limit number of lots per strategy. And you can play with opening amount, additions and reduction in Strategy Properties. Time based limitation is not available.

Re: Exit point

1. You are right, i could see it at first too, but after changing opening conditions, i couldn't see it anymore. I still can see moving average option, but using moving average crossover is not possible. Maybe i did something wrong.
2. If i limit number of lots per strategy, does it restart every day?

Re: Exit point

1. Yes, it is in closing condition, not closing point. Keep Bar Closing as closing point and you'll see it. Opening conditions have no effect on closing condition availability.

2. No restart is necessary, you set the maximum limit, if it is reached, additional trades/additions will not take place.