Topic: Generator vs Reactor

Hello. What's the difference between generator and reactor?

Re: Generator vs Reactor

The Generator is the same as the Reactor, minus steps 4-7 (Optimization, All data validation, MC validation, and Multi-Market validation).

Re: Generator vs Reactor

If some strategies passes the montecarlo validation, but zero of them passes the multimarket, is there any way to see the strategies that passes Montecarlo?

Re: Generator vs Reactor

The reactor collects only strategies that pass all the turned on validation tools.

If the starters doesn't pass the Multi-Market tool, it means that either the MM Validation criteria are too strict or there are too many markets selected.

If you want to make the test easier, you can reduce the number of the Validated markets.

On the image below, the strategy must be valid on 3 out of 5 markets.