Topic: How to get Strategies with high SQN?


how can i get Strategies with hight SQN.

First i have 100% -99% quality backtest data from my Broker with maximum Bars of 50.000.

Then when i want to generate a Strategy for example EURUSD M15.

My settings are: Lotsize 0,01 - max. 0,05
Stoploss  Always use , TP may use, BE may use.

Search best SQN and let them search for example 120min or 240min. But i didnt get Strategies higher than 2.0.

My start indicators are Bar Opening as Open position and Bar Closing for exit.

Also i have generate 10 hours but he didnt find anything .

What i do wrong

Re: How to get Strategies with high SQN?

You may try without TP and BE.

You can also remove all TP indicators from the Closing Point indicators list.

The actual stats value doesn't matter too much. It is more important to find several strategies with smoothly rising balance line and enough count of trades.

Re: How to get Strategies with high SQN?

after i was playing a while with fsb. i find out that when i add a stop loss in my settings from may use in lways use. i didnt get much strategies. but why it is so? we want to protect our balance. that means someday the account will crash

Re: How to get Strategies with high SQN?

How large was the SL that you were testing with? A SL is not the only exit strategy.

I have found several ridiculous strats with high SQN's for example:
That's with a tiny 0.01 lot size. it can be done, you just have to play around with it. The software helps to make things easier, however you still have to work hard to find the gems.

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Re: How to get Strategies with high SQN?

But what will the EA do. When i say the closing point is Envelopes (Exit long at lower bands) , so when the ea open a trade and the trade doing a minus. Then the minus trade will close when Envelopes hit the lower bands? Where is the protection?
Make he short on lower bands?

Re: How to get Strategies with high SQN?

I think that to get the best statistics, it is best to use a fixed lot size. It is easy enough to use more than one copy of a strategy instead of varied lot size.

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