Topic: VSA strategy

Hello Traders,

It's been a while since I've posted (or traded for that matter).

I've had significant distractions - house renovation and becoming a father.

Back to trading now though!

I've been studying the VSA trading method (Volume Spread Analysis), and would like to create an EA based on it.

Trouble is, I'm a little rusty, FSB Pro wise, could someone who perhaps has a little knowledge of both VSA and FSB Pro give me a hint or two about which indicators and logics would be a good starting point for developing such an EA?

I will be spending some time on the software this weekend.

Many Thanks,

Re: VSA strategy

Hello Simon,

I'm not familiar with the VSA principles, but if you need help with a particular entry or exit rule, we can probably help.

You can also read our strategy structure and trading rules docs in the Wiki, which can help you to define the execution logic of your strategies.

Re: VSA strategy

Hello Simon,
congratulation for being a father smile

You it works with your project creating an VSA - EA?

I´m  intersted because I trade the vsa method with some good results ... but until now only in front of my Computer.

Pleas let me know how far you reached.

Thanks Tom