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Topic: The simplest strategy

Simplicity means not just having few indicators in the strategy, but having few parameters, and those insensitive to large changes. The simplest strategy I have found that backtests well is to use a channel indicator such as a Donchian or Steady Bands, typically set to go long on hitting the upper band.

Money management: add on next same direction, reduce on opposite direction signal. Bet size 0.25% to 1% depending on candle size from 1m to 1hr, haven't tried longer candles. Or set to minimum possible trade size, accounts under ~$20,000 may over-trade %-wise with 0.01 lot minimum.  Use a random filter for trades to reduce effective minimum lot size if needed. High lot limit, e.g. 35 EURUSD lots for a $100K initial account.

No exit - choose exit condition that will never be satisfied, e.g. Day Closing + Standard Deviation(2 candles)>100.
A maximum % at risk exit condition can also work.

For  EURUSD 1m Donchian on Oct. 2016 data, a 180 candle setting works well, with a 120 point offset, though these numbers aren't at all critical. (+/- 50% on period and shift  final balance range $158k to $189k for Oct.) A three-hour candle period works well on other candle sizes.

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