Topic: Practical approach to live trading with fsb strategy

So I was thinking how one might approach managing a profitable fsb strategy over the long term.

Here is what I was thinking ...  You lace your profitable EA on live and monitor stagnation and drawdown.  Your EA should bring you pips if it is profitable but the market will eventually change. By he indicator for change will be your live EA reaching the stagnation or drawdown identified in th fsb strategy. 

When you exceed the expected max drawdown or max stagnation you take your EA off of live and optimize (with up to date data).  Reapply your ea.  If max draw down or stagnation is exceeded again reconsider strategy ?

Thoughts ?

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Re: Practical approach to live trading with fsb strategy

After max dd you should disregard strategy.
I am fan of WFA, however I am pretty new here so no confirmation for success yet. Using this approach from this book … ng+systems

After some chosen periods you always re optimize system, in real time/forward too, how you was doing WFA test.
It is hard to find WFA passing systems, but book author says it is a way to go smile Will see how it goes for me. Hope it helps if you not familiar using WFA test.

You need to use Data horizon tool in fsb to choose different data periods. After that you can export trading result form Journal tab and build your excel for similar equity/draw dawn chart, and other useful statistics from unseen data.