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Hi there, new user here evaluating fsb for purchase.

I am developing a strategy with the use of martingale. The strategy will trade not too often (1, maybe 2 trades each week). My question is: since my vps will be rebooted every Week End and the martingale function is activated after one loss, if i take a loss, let's say on friday, then i reboot my vps and then on monday the ea trades again, it will remember that on friday it took a loss?


Re: Martingale question

Hello nxk,

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The Martingale consecutive losses counter will be reset on a MT4 restart and it may not work well in your case.

It will work if your EA closes a position and opens a new one during the week, but it will open a position with the initial amount on the next week.

Re: Martingale question

Thanks for the fast response mr. Popov, i hope you will consider to fix the feature in the future, i don't think i am the only user with this issue.

Apart from that Forex Strategy Builder seems to be the best EA builder out there and i will surely consider the purchase of your software, after the fix