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to Mr. Popov and all,
have me according to my Virus Scan software, the Trojan "TR / Crypt. ZPACK. Gen2" about "" captured.
Nestles into terminal.exe and MetaEditor.
I ask to consider this urgently.

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The indicators are simply text code files. It is impossible to be infected.
Even more, you can see 100% of the files content on Git Hub.

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Re: Caution Trojans !!!

good Morning,...
I again informed me about this terrible at web. it seems to be a false alarm of my anti virus software.

Avira detecting Trojan TR/Crypt.ZPACK.Gen2 on Metatrader 4

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I use a couple antivirus programs and have not run into any problems with FSBPro ever....

Perhaps you want to obtain another antivirus program and run that on your system as a check.

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Re: Caution Trojans !!!

I trust my antivirus software. Better a small problem that can be solved......

with kind regards

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FSB uses stastistical usage tracking on the software, sothat the developer can tell how many people are using it, That might be setting it of

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There is no absolutely anything dangerous in FSB Pro and in all other apps.
The user above speaks for text files in GitHub, which is a clear sign that the antivirus gives a false positive signal.