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Topic: Can not export an EA


i meet today a message in the Output Log "Expert Advisor is not exported. Cannot create the expert file.
Anyone has an idea, what could be the reason?

It is a simple strategy on M1 for EURUSD, done with locking some inputs and using the generator to add some Conditions, using the defoult inputs of the indicators

Here i attach it, if it can be in help for the reason, why it can not be exported as EA

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Re: Can not export an EA

The Expert exports normally on my machine. There is no reasons for the failure.

Check if the MQL folder with all EA and indicators MQL code is on its place:

C:\Program Files\Forex Strategy Builder Pro\User Files\MT4 Files\MQL

Re: Can not export an EA

i saw now in the log that it say: Can not find the following indicator: Moving Average

and the indicator is there, i checked it.

what can be the reason it is not finding it? I tryed to copy the code from github, but still not finding it

Thanks Indeed

Re: Can not export an EA

It must be overridden by a custom indicator.

Try to install the program again over your current installation. It will not change your settings or strategies and may recover the missing files.