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this indicator is a modification to the original RSI to do more than one function at the same time.

the normal Rsi has these conditions
                "RSI rises",
                "RSI falls",
                "RSI is higher than the Level line",
                "RSI is lower than the Level line",
                "RSI crosses the Level line upward",
                "RSI crosses the Level line downward",
                "RSI changes its direction upward",
                "RSI changes its direction downward"

and we have to test one condition per strategy !  so what if the indicator rise & is higher than level line at the same time
or change direction upward while crossing the 50 level , ...... etc … /281/rsi-a

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Thank you ahmed

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you are welcome yonkuro

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Momentom indicator redesigned

The same concept like previous RSI indicator … momentum-a

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New pivot point indicator to work with all  slots
PossibleSlots = SlotTypes.Open | SlotTypes.OpenFilter | SlotTypes.Close | SlotTypes.CloseFilter; … oint-multi


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Thanks a lot
Can you update and MQL4 Code please?

Re: Some Indicators … oint-multi